Content marketing – Video production case study


Marketing products in unique, highly cost-effective ways can be challenging, and that’s why Tandem developed the 3p-Process – Plan – Produce - Publish.

Take for example Kiwicare, a local company with products made specifically for New Zealand conditions. Let’s be honest, their NO Rats and Mice is not the sexiest product on the market, but in the cooler months it’s the product many people might need - as these rodents seek warmer climes indoors than their usual outdoor haunts.

So, what do you do when you find you’ve got a rodent problem? ‘Google it?’ There you might come across this Kiwicare product, so you head to the store and buy NO Rats and Mice. But when you get home, perhaps you don’t know how to use it or haven’t the confidence to do so, and you can’t find any know-how videos on YouTube.

And this is the gap that content marketing is filling. More and more companies are moving their advertising dollar from above the line to content marketing, and this is the concept that Kiwicare has adopted. Content marketing is a strategic approach focussed on creating and distributing material, where you provide support and information to your target market through the channel that best suits the product.

Now, back to the issue of not finding any how-to videos on YouTube... To combat this problem, Tandem worked together with Kiwicare to design a video blog web series. Rodents are an icky subject, but they wanted the videos to be good, clear and simple - and most importantly help people use the product. And because they’re on YouTube they have to be sharp, concise, informative and easily shared.

Most importantly about this form of marketing is that the content must be credible, sincere and expertly presented. Video host David Brittain brings all of that in spades. He’s an absolute expert in pest control, plus he looked good and spoke well.

One of the major issues with content marketing is being able to afford to consistently create the content in a cost-effective way. Coming up with a solution for Kiwicare, Tandem was able to decrease the costs by filming over one afternoon in Tandem’s studio (rather than ‘on location’ as this would have added on more cost), filmed in front of a green screen (so images can easily be brought up behind David while he presents), and the script was written by Charlotte Williams from the marketing team at Kiwicare. The key focus was to create solutions for people with rodent problems, and to be able to find the videos easily.

The videos are getting a great number of hits on YouTube, and Kiwicare are extremely happy with the results and are planning to do more of this type of marketing because it works so well for their products.

Tandem director Dave Dunlay says “this style of content marketing is super cost-effective and we’re just going to see more and more of it as they move their money away from traditional marketing.”

Kiwicare’s Marketing Manager Brandon Evans says “Tandem have delivered exactly what we wanted. The 3p process is a clear and precise process, it gives me great confidence in the end result before we even produce it, that’s a rarity in marketing but very important particularly when building video content that must meet the precise needs of our customers. Kiwicare will continue to invest in this program and work closely with Tandem Studios”.

Tandem’s 3p-Process Kiwicare adopted:

Plan - stick to budget, and save money with good planning.
Produce - filming it all in one go, and editing it all at once.
Publish - putting it on YouTube, Kiwicare website (, Tandem website, and as a training video for sales reps of the product.

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