COMMA Podcast: Is Email Dead?



COMMA Podcast: Is Email Dead?

This week on COMMA Podcast we meet a powerhouse of a man! Alex Berman ( (is The Chief Marketing Sumo at InspireBeats, Director of Marketing at Dom & Tom, SVP Operations at Experiment 27, Founder & Chief Content Creator at As you can see he's one busy guy! 

There's been an idea floated lately that emails are dead. So what does Alex Berman think? 

He says it's not email that's dying – it's non-targeted emails which aren't meeting the needs of your customer base, and also template emails for sales, sending out exact same sale templates to all of your clients, to see who will respond. 

Alex, who's based in Silicon Valley, sends out hundreds of emails each week and works with B2B customers. What used to be carried out by a telemarketer, is now done via cold call email. InspireBeats identifies targets and then writes customised emails. Email templates are never used.

Alex's tips for writing an email: - instead of coming up with a perfect template for each group in your database, spend about 3-4 minutes on every email looking at the actual website, making sure the client would be a good fit and then spend about 2 minutes calling out all the good things about them - there are two important things when sending the email: subject line and the first line of the email. When writing the subject line make sure it calls out what the email is about, and when writing the first line of the email having a compliment and how you have found them works as well

At the end of it all, it comes down to spending time to customise the email to the client and proves that email is most certainly not dead.

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