Comma Podcast: StyleInc Blog


Comma Podcast: StyleInc Blog

On the Comma Podcast this week we spoke with Anna White - who’s the owner of the successful blog styleinc. ( Style Inc is a fashion and style destination blog which consists of the latest fashion trends and interviews with inspiring and successful business women. The blog is mainly focused on the interviews she conducts, and has fantastic bespoke content. Anna has partnered with fashion stores from around the world and it’s a great marketing place.

Even though Anna is based in Christchurch, her blog has an international feel and she sees the blog as a global platform, this is due to her global partners, and the blog is also shared through  her guests’ platforms as well, which helps attract readers to her blog. Anna has started to  monetise the blog with her shopping site which went live only about two months ago, and is planning to have paid advertising. 

Anna started the blog about 18 months ago, and already has over 8500 followers on Instagram, but started out blogging at just only 19 years old. Her first blog was a fashion e-commerce  platform, but found it to be quite a stressful experience. She took some time and got more  experience under her belt, which had her going to Sydney to work for a content marketing agency as the advertising manager. While there, she learnt a lot of skills to help her start this  new blog which has evolved into what styleinc is today. 

Her advice on starting a blog? Everyone should give it a go but when starting out make sure that  you focus on your passion, as blogging is time consuming and to keep your enthusiasm up, you need to be able to enjoy it. You can also follow style inc on Instagram at 

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