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Easy, direct, instant and affordable. Livestream to your audience with "Livestream Plug & Play" streaming cameras. If you don't know where to start with live stream equipment, this live streaming kit provides all the camera equipment and other bits you need to get started. We design, test, manage the installation and train your team so you can start streaming at your leisure. What you stream is up to you, from staff meetings to client updates, or your cat at home, we can help you get started. Check out our livestream Plug & Play webcasting camera kits and download a full price list

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HD camera & tripod/stand Tick Tick Tick
Microphone Tick Tick Tick
Ring Light Tick Tick Tick
Switching device Tablet Tablet Vision Mixer
Recording capability HD Up to 4K HD
Connectivity Wireless Wireless Wired
Stream to most channels
(YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc)
Tick Tick Tick
Setup of streaming channels Tick Tick Tick
Battery life 6 hours 10 hours N/A
Integration of presentations Tick Tick Tick
Customisation (logos & branding)     Tick
Support through installation Tick Tick Tick